We are an Internet and information consulting team, with a long track record of real-life and effective solutions. i.S.k.i.v is the acronym of 'Information Strategies Key Intangible Value'.

We dedicate our products and services to end-users such as businesses or not for profit associations. A main goal is to help businesses and organisations master the Web. Continue reading...In the past we always dedicated a large part of the information and tools we provided through our website to Web professionals. We will continue to make available the information and tools we discover and use.


We design websites, eBusiness, eCommerce, intranet information systems. We create content, do the techno parts — we develop, validate, secure, test, host — and market the website or sale system we deliver. From A to Z.

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Working with us is easy, from anywhere, by any mean... We might communicate online, by e-mail, by video, or meet locally. Our clients get an exceptional support, and great care for data privacy and security.