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Do you need a web site? Our services cover all your eBusiness needs. Click the link Web design to begin. You will discover our services and the way we will create your value.

Do you need help with an existing web site? Why not get the results you target now? Auditing your website may point out the what to do. Maybe a need for optimization or Marketing. Take our knowledge to reach your objectives. Simply drop us your url to get a free evaluation.

Our portfolio shows the diversity of our achievements, from simple accessible Web design to multilingual web sites and multi-sites eBusiness solutions, online catalogue, optimization, SEO, creative marketing or website localization.

Information Strategies Key Intangible Value Limited (i.S.k.i.v. Ltd) is an Internet and information consulting team.

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Business intelligence, information and market research are part of our know how. Our eBusiness support benefits from our information and market approach.

A quality policy, a vision of service to customers cement long lasting relations with our clients. Creating your value is our challenge.

Why eBusines solutions, Web design and eMarketing?

Developing a web site is more than Web design.

Your Internet strategy requires a professional eye. We think that Marketing your e-Business begins before your website is up and running. We focus on the skills, knowledge and talents to develop the Web content. We coach you to achieve your e-business goals and create value from your intangible assets.

A significant eBusiness solution is more complex but requires the same approach. Our offer targets the e-business chain. This means designing the Internet plan; as needed, developing a turnkey application. This may apply to the business to business chain, or to the business to customer chain. Accessible web design, multilingual websites, content development, and database driven solutions are part of such eBusiness application. An ebusiness plan involves as well eMarketing, information gathering, and recommendations.

Sound, simple and light solutions.

We think that a reliable architecture, without unnecessary use of technology is a must. We focus on building sense, services and customer relation. For the benefit of your visitors, we privilege the speed and performance. We recommend to put the necessary effort and finance on the business plan and the Marketing.

Our ebusiness bricks involve knowledge, information and services.

We use eBusiness bricks to build turnkey applications, or to create custom designed Web sites. But i.S.k.i.v. Limited eBusiness bricks firstly target enterprise portal solutions, data and knowledge mining.

We strenghten our services with quality hosting packages. We provide simple to complex web site hosting, as well as managed servers. We bring cutting-edge technology and excellent support to small business, for the best value.

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Our e-Business vision

We prefer to use the word "eBusiness". There is a wide range of cases that resort from eBusiness but do not involve, strictly said, an eCommerce position. All of these cases need an equal approach of the relation to the "market".

BtoB, the business to business chain, e-Commerce and virtual stores

are as many sides of the Internet. The "e-" vision impact the companies relations with their market, customers and partners. But e-Business, e-Product, e-Service are partly technology related and partly marketing related.

Is the Internet marketing so different?

At a certain extent, yes: the user is the leading player. This is one of the reasons the search engines play such an important role In the Internet play-ground. Thus, large organisations and small businesses confront to a common issue: building relations based on seduction, image, quality and services. Industries, associations, public bodies, art businesses, consultants, thought different, need to face this issue and another critical one: be found or dye.

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Services, tools and tutorials

We permanently improve the informations, services and tools available to our visitors. Web site owners, developers and webmasters may find useful tools and services at our website.


Have a look at eBusiness methodology and strategy. Take our eBusiness tutorial part 1 and 2. Freely use our bilingual glossary, from A to H and from I to Z. The webmasters may find helpful our eBusiness links.

Expert tools and services

We offer information about search engines and specialised directories pages; Tools, such as Opera Browser, i-Meta Manager our blog i-Meta, BrowserCam or Axandra IBP and our Great SEO tools page may become your smart allies. We dedicate pages to the HTML validation. This section includes a commented guidance portal to 40+ free to use expert tools, such as Web tools, SEO tools or Linux html. Our visitors may also freely use i-Meta Manager in its free on-line version of and its help, as well as our on-going directory list.

Internet and web security

Our Internet security portal provides a good source of selected information for security awareness. Internet Security is a full section, involving both advice, tools and services. It also offers commented information sources.

The Supply Chain

As part of research projects focusing on the business to business chain, we made available to our visitors a first information set SupplyPoint Supply Chain. The application model developed and the decision model analysed target the supply chain, co-operative support, collaborative services and tools. The technology used involves the Corba model, the Java, HTML and XML languages, an Oracle® database and a Domino® server.

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Our websites offer data in various areas: eBusiness, XML, risk capital, Internet security, search engines and directories.
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