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A - Adresse Internet - Animations - Annuaire - Architecture

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Absolute address [Web]

An Internet address [URL, ie Uniform Resource Locator] set in the following form identifies a specific page of a specific web site. A relative address is used only to call a page in the same Web area; it can be set in two ways: somepage.htm [relative to the calling page] if the calling page is in the same directory, or ../somepage.htm for a calling page in another directory; and /somepage.htm [relative to the root Web] if the calling page is in the same Web area and anywhere in this area.

Adresse absolue
Access provider

Internet access means the access to a distant computer network to which an individual computer or a network of computers get connected through a phone line. The access provided provides the connection network, and usually also an email account at their network.

Fournisseur d'accès
Animation [Web]

Visual and / or sound sequences, built with a program and animated through the browser or through a plug-in to the browser. Examples: animated gif image, Macromedia Flash (proprietary), .mid or .ra sequence, etc.

Architecture [eBusiness]

Here, the word architecture targets both, the physical structure of the directories, of the programs and Web pages; and the logical structure of the Web site, Web information and Web services provided.

Internet Security glossary

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B - Bases de données - Boutique virtuelle - BtoB - Business-to-Business

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Banner exchange

Advertising method used between web sites. Site A put a banner for site B on a Web page and vice versa. The banner on site A has a link to site B and vice versa. Exchanging banners may be useful if the contextual adequate for the Web site advertised. There are various possibilities for exchanging links with or without banner.

Echange de bannière
Browser [Web]

A software that is used to display a Web page, surf from page to page and interact with other programs and plug-in. A browser is commonly called a Web browser. The surf concept targets the navigation from a Web page to another one through hyperlinks, in the same Web site or from one web site to another one. Such links giving the address of a Web page may be activated though a text link or an image.


The business-to-business concept targets the eBusiness when the buyer and the customer are both in business, as opposed to business-to-consumer or even "intra-business" [within the same group]. Also named BtoB and B2B.

Business strategy

Business strategy and eBusiness strategy as well can be defined as actions enabling a better understanding of the business environment and competition, a better use of information, a thinner definition of the commercial targets, and improve the organization's reactivity. Intelligence may be a component of it. A note: the word intelligence is used a different meaning in English and in French. French people will call it "renseignement". In French in the business area "intelligence" has a broader meaning.

Intelligence stratégique

See Business-to-business.

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C - Capital immatériel - CGI - Chaîne d'approvisionnement virtuelle - Commerce électronique -  Courrier électronique - CSS

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CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

The CGI (Common Gateway Interface) targets the common programming interface that enable the software execution of specific functions in a Web server environment.

CGI (Interface Commune de Passerelle)
Company expertise

The specific business expertise, the core organization's business, its specific experience assets, that represents a fraction of the intangible assets.

expertise de l'entreprise
Cooperative environment

Collaborative software environment, relaying on information and communication technology that makes it possible for more that one person to share data and programs and work together, on more than one computer in a local network or with distant computers.

Environnement coopératif
CSS (Cascading StyleSheets)

Stylesheets correspond to a formatting styles technique for Web pages. Styles may set up in the tags, as well as in a specific style tag for a document or outside the page in a distinct file with a .css extension that may be shared by many pages. Cascading stylesheets means the ability to use various stylesheets in cascade for a Web site. CSS also refers to the W3 specifications CSS1 and CSS2.

CSS (Feuilles de style imbriquées)

More eBusiness information

The webmaster corner: a guidance portal with 30 free to use expert tools and services, carefully selected and briefly commented.
Our Internet Security Portal column discusses the main security issues for Internet users and Website owners.
The Supply Chain information set: An application model targeting business to business services and collaborative environment. See SupplyPoint quick tour

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D - DHTML - Domaine

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Database [Web]

Structured data format or structured data architecture that makes it possible to easily maintain, retrieve and serve data to the Web applications.

Bases de données

Dynamic HTML covers the joint use of the HTML language, of stylesheets (CSS) and, as needed, script languages for dynamic Web sites or Web page animations.

Directory [Internet]

The word directory is used for Internet directories [such as DMOZ], made by humans or by robots, set up with categories and including a short description of each resource. A Web site can be found if it is advertised in the right category.

Annuaire (alias répertoire)
Domain (name)

The unique name identifying a Web site on the Internet network. The Internet network is made from millions computers and networks, each one having a unique domain name or a unique address. The domain names are always built from two parts separated by a comma. A server usually host more than one domain name, but a domain name always points a single server.

In theory, the domain name suffix is assigned following the type of organizations. For instance:

  • .com - corporations
  • .edu - institutions éducatives
  • .org - organisation sans but lucratif
  • .mil - organisation militaire
  • .net - fournisseur de service Internet
  • .gov - institution gouvernementale
  • .fr - France

But new domains, such as .info target the content type instead of the organization type.

Domaine (nom de)

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E - e-business - eBusiness - Echange de bannière - EDI -

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The eBusiness concept covers all the means to make business through a Web site on the Internet; it covers e-services, e-products, e-sales, the supply chain, the relations between an organization and its customers, individuals or organizations themselves, providers and partners, subsidiaries, employees, etc.

eBusiness (alias e-business)

Electronic commerce targets the ways and means to sell on-line through a Web site. In Europe, the expression is also commonly used for e-business.

Commerce électronique
e-mail (Electronic Mail)

E-mail means a message, in text, HTML or XML format, sent from a computer to another one through the Internet network. An email address has the following form "utilisateur@serveur".

Courrier électronique (alias mél)
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, refers to a standard used for structuring and exchanging commercial information (ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC30) .


F - Faq - Feuille de style - Format d'interchange graphique - Formulaire Web - Forums - Fournisseurs d'accés

Faq [Web]

Acronym for frequently asked questions.

Faq (alias question réponses)

Comprenez : les questions fréquemment posées.

Faq (Frequently ask question)
Internet Security glossary

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GH - GIF - Hébergement - HTML - HTTP

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A gateway can be defined as a door in a network that serves as an entrance to another network. This door is commonly named a network node. Such door is usually a computer or a specialized device that connect a workstation to the intranet or to the outside network.

GATEWAY : connexion, entrée, accès, passerelle

GIF is one of the two most used formats for the Web: Acronym for (Graphics Interchange Format). This graphical format uses a compression scheme originally developped by CompuServe. Animated GIF : a GIF image format built from more than one image sequentially displayed to form an animation.

GIF : Format d'Interchange Graphique
Hits [Web]

Hits: each time a Web page is requested to a Web server, many files are in fact requested - image files, stylesheet, script, etc are requested by the page. These many requests when successful are named Hits. As an example, for a page with an external stylesheet, an external script and 10 images, we will count 13 hits. To not confuse with the number of pages seen, which would be 1 in our example.

Hits (Alias nombre de requêtes sur un fichier)
Hosting Provider

The provider of the server that host a Web site on a computer system belonging to the Internet network. So distant users may display the Web site pages. The provider own the computer system and provide the adequate routers and server software.

Fournisseur d'hébergement
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), tag language, referring to the specifications of the World Wide Web consortium for Web page development. The specifications covers HTML from HTML 2 to HTML 4.01 and as well XML 1 and 1.1. or XML specification correspond to a specific DOCTYPE, that must be declared and exactly followed so any user in any user environment may display the page correctly. The Web browsers interpret the DOCTYPE and the HTML or XML tags in order to display the page content to the visitor.

Langage HTML
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)

HTTP means HyperText Transfer Protocol, targeting the method for transferring the hypertext files via the Internet network. An Internet address is preceded by http:// so we use something like to connect to a Web site.

HTTP Protocole de Transfert HyperTexte

HTTPS is the prefix to use for the secure HTTP protocol, developed by Netscape in order to allow cyphered data to be transferred on the Internet network. For instance for credit card transactions.

Glossaires sécurité Internet

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