Translation and localization


Going multilingual is more than a translation: it requires a touch of simplicity to make your reader feel confident in the content carried by the translation in his or her own language. Writing a new copy for a website involves both creativity and precision.

All you need to go multilingual:

Localization management: which includes analysis, style guide, translation, editing and careful proofreading.

Smart writing web content translation must appear simple and natural in the target language. Short words in menus must be replaced with counterparts that evoke the content behind. Technical words, concepts, verbs' tenses require a careful rewriting. Punctuations may need to be adapted to the target language. All things that are incredibly far from literal translation.

Search engine optimization: an original web page needs to be optimized to get traffic from search engines. This important step means to chose the appropriate expressions - words which will bring traffic -, and number of repetitions, in relation with the most important tags. Meta data - data for robots which are not visible in the displayed page - need to be localized as well. All tasks to carry in a professional manner.

Internet marketing: not to say how important is marketing your web copy.

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