A complete makeover of our websites

Former Announcements

Update 13/06/2020

i.S.k.i.v. Ltd launches a two year R&D challenge

Postponed launch to take place in July instead of March

Initialy planned for a launch in March 2020, the launch of our new line of business was postponed to July 2020. We just re-started testing...

The focus of our all-in-one strategy and platform is to facilitate the start of an online business.
It is also to act as a remediator for businesses that are already online but do not get the results they deserve.
Perhaps more importantly, our approach focuses on a visible online presence: not visible, an online business has no chance to stand out from the crowd, prosper and grow.

With us, discover new ways to think, design, build up an online business and enter your market.

In these particular times, certain values must be stressed more than ever. Alongside many actors, we are actively involved in the renewal of Internet and the Web

  • Through our policies and practices
  • Through the projects we participate in
  • By the choice of our providers
  • By the selection of our professional networks.

At the crossroad of information and the Internet, made of information and creativity, our business has multiple facets:

  • Information research and analysis
  • Intangible assets discovery
  • eBusiness and eCommerce consulting
  • Internet visibility and creative marketing
  • Content focused services and products.

iSkiv Information Strategies Key Intangible Value Limited is a women owned business. Our areas of business reflect our areas of interest, our research and the networks in which we participate.

Bilingual again

As we said, we revive our tradition, with an English version and a French version of our websites.