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We are an Internet and information consulting team, with a long track record of real-life and effective solutions. i.S.k.i.v Ltd is the acronym of 'Information Strategies Key Intangible Value' Limited. Our limited company is a women-owned business. Irene B.R. Hageman Silberstein and Rachel M.E. Hageman launched the company in January 2005 in the UK

Working with us is easy, from anywhere, by any mean... We might communicate online, by email, meet by video, or meet locally. Our clients get an exceptional support, and we take great care of data privacy and security.

iSkiv Logo's History

iSkiv Logo dates back to 1991, long before our company was set up in the UK. In that time it was the noticeable sign of Irene's information business in France (Irene Silberstein Khouvine Information Veille) and its website then, iskiv.com. When Irene Silberstein and Rachel Hageman launched iSkiv Limited in the UK, this logo was brought to the company together with other assets and so became Information Strategies Key Intangible Value's Logo in 2005.

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